What you can expect from us: Quality, speed of service and complete confidentiality

We get to know our clients and their needs. With years of experience in private practice, our attorneys understand the demands on your time and the pressure under which you operate. We will do everything to ensure a seamless and hassle-free process.

Our services include the following

  • The drawing of bill of costs and estimations
  • Opposing party-party bills of costs
  • Drawing of attorney and own client bills of cost
  • Drawing of attorney and client bills of cost
  • Attending taxations in all forums
  • Negotiating and achieving the best possible settlements
  • Providing high-end, cost saving day-to-day advice
  • Drafting hand-over bills for the RAF
  • Any various other related legal services

We draft, tax and oppose bills of cost in the following courts and forums

  • Constitutional Court
  • Supreme Court of Appeal
  • High Courts
  • Regional Courts
  • Magistrates’ Courts
  • Law Society Assessments
  • Road Accident Fund matters
  • Medical negligence matters

Arbitrated taxations

Avoid the frustration of time delays in court and resolve your legal cost disputes quickly and effectively by appointing one of our independent legal cost consultants as taxing master.

Private taxations follow a similar process to taxations in the High Court or Magistrates’ Court. The parties to a cost dispute present arguments and evidence. Our experienced legal cost consultant will evaluate the facts and render a decision based on case law and current practices.

You choose the date, time and place, and our independent legal cost consultant will ensure your cost dispute is resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Contact us to discuss whether private taxation is a feasible option for your cost dispute.